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What is the program about?

CIC3 is where innovation, passion, entrepreneurship intersect with each other. Selected students can enroll in CIC3 for a 6 month or a 12 months long program. Throughout of the course of the program, they will get the needed mentorship, resources to complete their projects. Each project will be reviewed every 3 months and if it is not deemed up to the mark, it will be discontinued. Attendance will also be taken regualarly at the lab to analyse a student’s enthusiasm.

Project Application Requirements :-

To make sure Cic3 Lab gets genuine innovative and research based projects, students will have to follow certain guidelines while submitting their projects

  • The project must be really innovative in nature and not just a hack that has been copied off the internet. Originality of the idea is a must!
  • The project should have a potential application upon completion be it commercially or in any other aspect.
  • The project should be realistically feasible. We are not looking for “cancer curing projects”!
  • Students must be able to prove or showcase their relevant expertise in the domain in which their project is based.
  • The project should aim to solve a particular real world problem.

You can also apply for CIC3 projects from here and we will call interested candidates:

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