Prof. Krutika Amit Paradkar

Prof. Krutika Paradkar had pursued her Master degree in APPLIED INSTRUMENTATION Engineering from L.D. Engg. College. Prof. Krutika is appointed as an Assistant Professor in CIC3 (Community Innovation & Co-Creation Centre), Robo Research Group at Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat since January 2015. Currently she is working for GTU ROBOCON 2016 Team, Development of Smart city Lab, Bosch centre (automation lab, pneumatic lab , hydraulic lab , sensors lab ), anchor institute proposal , Tejas Network lab at Block -6. she has professional experience in academic of 3.5 years.
She has published her 4 papers in different International Journals & also present 1 paper in International Conference.
Work: Prof. Krutika Paradkar has organized 20 workshops like 1) 3- days & 4 – days workshop on advance raspberry pi 2) 3-Days Program on Lab VIEW for Research Partners (for faculty & students both) , 3) One Day workshop on ASP.Net , 4) Signal Processing and Basic of an Antenna , 5) One day Workshop On Raspberry Pi ON (Regular event ), 6) SEMINAR ON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION (PLC-SCADA) , 7) 2 Day workshop on “PICO/NANO/MICRO SATELLITES (PNMS)” ,8) Celebration of Digital India Week at chandkheda , 9) Arduino one day Workshop (Regular event ), 10) Projects let’s make it , 11) seminar on Advance Technology in industry , 12) 5 DAYS WORKSHOP ON Electronics for Copter , 13) origami , 14) Assemble your own 3 D printer, 15) ROBO SOCCER image processing based work shop (Regular event) , 16) PMO App Development Contest by Ideation Workshop etc . She has organized FDP like 1) One day Professor Summit on “Embedded System Design using Atmel ATMega 168PB XPLD Mini , 2) Faculty Development Program on AVR Microcontrollers , 3) National Instrument – Hack A Thon. She has organized challenges like 1) Arduino Open Challenge, 2) My- Rio Challenge, 3) R-pi Challenge and trained faculty members & students from 120 colleges affiliating with GTU . She has organized hackathons which is continues 36 or 78 hours like 1) Hack-Pi-Duino competition on Arduino based hackathon 2) One day Heckathon “DESIGN & FRAMEWORK ON FINAL YEAR PROJECTS AREA ANALYSIS & COMPARISON IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING” 3)
National Instrument – Hack A Thon 4) Hack-a-thon event “Code for Gujarat” on 27th & 28th Oct ’15 . She has organized google hang out meetings like 1) Google Hangout Meeting For Setting Up Anchor Institute in Electronics with
Dr. Hitesh Patel, Dy. Director-GTU , 2) Image processing Google Hangout Meeting of ROBO REASERCH GROUP , 3) Design Google Hangout Meeting of ROBO REASERCH GROUP, 4) EMBEDDED GOOGLE HANGOUT MEETING of ROBO REASERCH GROUP , 5) ROBOCON 2016 MENTORS Google Hangout Meeting FROM GTU CLOLLEGES . She is also managing the “Robo Research Group” in GTU.

Assistant Professor Hemal Nayak

Mr.Hemal Nayak is young and enthusiastic personality presently working as an Assistant Professor in Community innovation & Co-Creation Centre at Gujarat Technological University. He has done his M.E in Electronics & Communication specializes in VLSI & Embedded System Design From GTU P.G. School-Ahmadabad. He has total 2 years of teaching experience as well as 1.8 years of industrial experience. He has published one International & one National level Research papers. He has organized and mentoring various workshops on open source development boards.
He is actively involved in project guidance activity of registered students at CiC3.
He is currently working in SMART CITY Sensors lab development under Gujarat Technological University.

Assistant Professor Raj Hakani

Mr. Raj A. Hakani is Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Community Innovation Co- Creation Centre (CiC3), Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. He has completed his M.Tech with Specialization in Electronics and Communication (Robotics) from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. He has Completed his B.E in Electronics and Communication from Gujarat University. He has conducted three workshop based on ROBOTICS, Arduino Day, Raspberry-Pi open source development board and Hack-A- Thon on Arduino Challenge. He is associated with GTU since from June 2015. Prior to Joining GTU, he had worked for One year with Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology as an Assistant Professor and One year with an Institute for Plasma Research (Remote Handling Robotics Technology Division) as a Project Trainee.
He has two years teaching experience at both the under graduate (UG) and Post graduate (PG) levels. He has published 10 papers in National/International journals and 1 IEEE based Conference paper. He has guided students for their B.E and M.E. degrees in Gujarat Technological University. He Has been reviewer of reputed journal International Journal of Innovative Research In Technology (IJIRT), International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), International Journal of Engineering Development and Research (IJDER), International Journal of Emerging
Technologies and Innovative (JETIR), International Journal For Research & Development in
Technology (IJRDT), International Journal of Engineering Trends and Applications (IJETA), International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology (IJIRST), International
Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences (IJETMAS), International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT). Since Last one and half year, he has been guiding students at Community Innovation Co-Creation Centre. and work as Faculty mentor of GTU ROBOCON Team and university team stood
up with 50th National Rank and 1st Runners up as debut team in National/ International
Robotics Competition

Assistant Professor Rutika P. Ghariya

Rutika P. Ghariya is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Community Innovation and Co-Creation Centre (CiC3), Gujarat technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad. She has completed her M.Tech with specialization in Electronics and Communication System from Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, Nadiad. She has done her dissertation in Antenna Array Pattern Synthesis Using Novel Optimization Technique. Wherein she did her research on Side lobe level reduction and null steering of Linear and Planar array of Point sources using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique.
She is associated with GTU since 29th June, 2015. Prior to joining GTU, She had worked for six month with Government Engineering College, Surat as a visiting lecturer and then after she had worked for six month with N.G.Patel Polytechnic, Bardoli.
At Community Innovation and Co-creation Centre (CiC3), She guides students in their research Projects. She conducts workshop and seminar on Antenna and Microwave related Topics. She also mentors and coordinates workshop related to Multidisciplinary Sectors. Her Current work is in analyzing different sensors and developing Smart city Laboratory and also her current research work is in advance engineering optimization using different intelligent techniques.
She is highly interested in the field of Optimization and Antenna.

Ms. Dhwani SanghaviResearch Assistant – Information and Technology(E-mail:

Ms. Dhwani Sanghavi is currently working as a Research Assistant(Information-Technology) at Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. She has completed her Masters in Computer Engineering from L.J.Institute of Engineering And Technology, affiliated to Gujarat Technological University. She has done her Masters dissertation in Mobile Cloud Computing, entitled “3-tier Cyber Foraging Approach in Mobile Cloud Computing” which explains the Techniques for Optimizing the Battery Life-Time of various Hand-Held devices using varied Cyber Foraging Techniques in Mobile Cloud Computing.

She is also an active Member in GTU Alumni Association(GTU-AA).

She is reviewer in the leading journals namely International Journal Of Emerging Technologies And Innovative Research (JETIR), International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) as well as in International Journal of Engineering Development and Research(IJEDR) and International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology (IJIRT). They all are reputed journal publishers in fields of  Engineering Research, Engineering Science, Applied engineering, Computer Science Engineering, electrical engineering,electronic engineering,mechanical engineering, Civil engineering.

She is associated with Gujarat Technological University since  April, 2015. She has also worked as a Perl Software Developer in Mobiuso Technologies Pvt Ltd. Company, Ahmedabad.

At Community Innovation and Co-creation Center(CiC3), She is actively involved in conducting workshops and seminars on Computer Engineering as well as Information and Technology  related subjects for the students and faculties of the University and industrialists.
She also coordinates workshop related to Opensource Events. Currently she is involved in Maintaining Blogs and Websites of Community Center.She also handles CIC3 Social networking Pages.
She is highly interested in the field Cloud Computing.

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